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Waterview Convention Centre - Bi Centennial park Homebush Bay

commercial air conditioner venue

RCS-AIR was engaged to design an energy efficient commercial air conditioner system for a multi-purpose event venue. The decision was taken to use a Daikin VRV R410a heat recovery system and engage Bill Nappin of Nappin & Partners from concept to completion. An initial saving of 28% was estimated on the VRV system versus an equivalent chilled water installation. A further saving was estimated in service requirements and operational costs of equivalent chilled water equipment using hot water or electric heating.

Using refrigerant R410a

We decided to use a Daikin VRV Heat Recovery System with refrigerant R410a, having worked with Daikin and Nappin & Partners on previous large-scale projects.

Refrigerant R410A is known to be a more energy-efficient refrigerant and can help save on the building’s future operating costs. It also has lesser environment impact than other refrigerants as it does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Because of this, R410A is among the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and commercial air conditioners.


The team was required to create an energy-efficient multi-purpose and multi zoned venue catering 30-1500 people.


Daikin VRV R410a Heat Recovery System

The Daikin VRV Heat Recovery System is engineered to fit the needs of larger or taller buildings, in this case a multi-zoned venue that can accommodate up to 1500 people. It has various ventilation options, integrated controls, and BMS options that allow for simultaneous cooling and heating from a single system.

The use of Daikin system with R410 refrigerant gave the client a multi-purpose energy efficient venue being able to hold one or five separate functions in areas catering 30 to 1500 people.

The Daikin i-Touch controller was also installed to give the client full system control from a central location. This controller makes the management of the commercial air conditioner system easier for the manager, maintenance operator, and building owner.

Waterview Convention Centre

Manufacturer - Daikin Design - Nappin & Partners Contractor - RCS AIR

commercial air conditioner layout

The Challenge -

Energy efficient , low cost , design and construct project for multi purpose and multi zoned venue for 30-1500 people

RCS AIR Solution

Daikin Heat Recovery
VRV system

Waterview Convention Centre

Manufacturer - Daikin
Design - Nappin & Partners
Contractor - RCS AIR
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