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A closer look at a couple of products that HACCP Australia has reviewed

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As businesses around the world are piling in to save more energy and reduce CO2 emissions the demand for refrigeration suppliers to provide more energy-efficient units has increased. RCS Air believe that most commercial refrigeration systems use more energy and run far more cycles than necessary to keep produce cold and that we have a solution for you if your business wants to reduce energy consumption.

We believe we have found a green solution that will revolutionize the food and beverage industries. Endocube is a simple and revolutionary control device for commercial refrigeration which controls the compressor based upon the food temperature. This product has a global patent and is certified by NSF and HACCP Australia. It has been proven by the NSF to mimic the properties of beverage and food, while remaining safe to be used near consumer goods. The product has also been tested in-house and by independent organizations to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.

How does Endocube help conserve energy?

To answer this, let us first look at how refrigeration units work. Refrigeration units use a series of cycles (starting and stopping) to maintain the ideal temperature. To do so, they monitor the temperature in the air. BUT because air temperature rises faster than food temperature, the system works harder and runs more cycles to maintain the ideal temperature than actually needed! The result: It uses more energy and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment.

As a certified Endocube refrigeration supplier, RCS Air can install an Endocube to the existing temperature sensor, so that the thermostat can measure the product temperature rather than the usual air temperature. Refrigerators that are installed with Endocube experience lesser and longer compressor cycles (starts and stops), helping the refrigeration unit conserve energy while keeping the food safe and fresh.

RCS Air’s tests show that Endocube installation can help reduce the frequency of cycles by up to 80%. This can bring customers significant energy savings, improve efficiency of commercial fridges and freezers by between 15 and 35, bring less product and food spoilage, reduce environment pollution, and limit the wear and tear in your compressor.

How much does an Endocube cost?

The Endocube can quickly and easily fit on the sensor and can be used in walk-in fridges and freezers, trucks, display units, open display cases, cold storage facilities, and deli cases. As an Endocube certified refrigeration supplier and installer we are able install the Endocube in a day without any downtime. It is a one-time retrofit product with no maintenance or yearly fees. It also provides a significant amount of technology payback and fast return on investment. The installation of Endocube has produced wonderful results in leading supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, distribution warehouses and hotels worldwide.

Here are some of the reasons to retrofit your refrigeration with an endoCube:

  • Energy consumption reduction by up to 30%
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Precise temperature mimicking, HACCP Australia accredited
  • Accurate food temperature monitoring, reduced food spoilage
  • Fast return on investment- 6 to 24 months based on refrigeration application
  • Easy one-day installation with no downtime
  • No mechanical or electrical parts
  • One-time retrofit with zero maintenance


The endoCube is currently installed in the following companies:

  • Supa IGA
  • Foodworks
  • Nandos
  • McDonalds
  • Bidvest Australia
  • Radisson Hotel