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New installations of single and multi-platform systems

Integration of existing plant and equipment

Building Management Systems & Integration projects

At RCS-Air we are very passionate about Energy saving buildings and over 30 years have developed special building management systems and integration techniques over countless projected. RCS-AIR has skilled professionals and the expert knowledge needed to install and maintain your BMS systems, regardless of the age, sourcing or make.

Design , service and installation of:

New installations of single and multi-platform systems

Our professional team of installers and technicians are capable of installing new single and multi-platform systems from top brands in the industry. We can help you procure your BMS systems in a cost-effective manner, implement a project that meet high-quality standards and help you reduce hidden costs in maintaining your system and equipment.

Integration of existing plant and equipment

Customers from different BMS vendors will benefit from the integration of existing plant and equipment. RCS Air bring a dedicated team of professionals with the needed training, knowledge and experience to understand your application, engineer your project and offer a solution that helps reduce operational costs, add value and make your building more efficient and energy saving.

VSD new and existing plant integration

Installing a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and controlling the speed through a BMS or control system can vastly improve a buildings energy saving. On a usual project our aim is typically a 20% speed reduction, equating to approximately 50% energy cost savings! RCS-AIR offer a full survey, design, scope, installation and commissioning for your specific VSD project - call us now to find out more.

Existing control and BMS upgrades and integration

With the technology we have now, successful BMS upgrades and integration requires expert knowledge and experience. RCS-AIR has all the needed tools and replacement parts to successfully upgrade and integrate your existing control and BMS.

Carel EEV - Electronic expansion valve integration of existing systems

The range of electronic expansion valves provided by CAREL offers a wide range of cooling capabilities. These parts are energy saving and easy to use, and help reduce environmental impact.

Endo Cubes and energy saving device installations

The installation of Endocubes and other devices produces more energy saving buildings and units by reducing energy costs and compressor wear and tear. They will also double the lifetime of your equipment, and increase your profit by reducing your utility costs.

Recently completed projects

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